MobStac WordPress Mobile Plugin

Create an elegant, blazing-fast mobile website for your blog in 5 minutes! Type in the URL of your blog and let MobStac do the rest.

MobStac comes with a WordPress plugin which will automatically detectmobile visitors and redirect them to the appropriate link. You can setup CNAME records to point to eg. (I still have to do give it a try.)

Most of the other WP mobile plugins I’ve used failed to deliver any positive results, most likely due to the multitude of plugins I’m using on the site. MobStac on the other hand basically gathers your data, text and images from your feed, so there’s no interference from WP plugins, just content.

You’re also free to add you own ads if you feel like it and they give you analytics which display avg visitors per day etc.

I would definitely recommend using it if you want to focus on speed and clean content delivery. As an added bonus I got a mobiReady score increase from 2 to 4 on this blog and 2 to 3 on a another blog(stays at 3 due to the amount of images I have in those posts) , with a massive decrease in size.

PurpleHazard Mobile In Action | More About mobStac | Download Plugin

Some recommendations to the MobStac team:

1. Allow for multiple blogs under one account. I think that’s already in the works?

2. Give me a logout button. Really not pleasant, specially if you have more than one blog and thus more than one account to check.

3. Add the “Previous Post – Next Posts” per category/homepage.

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